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About Us

Company Metro  Ltd. was established in 29/12/1992, in order to deal with service of electronic equipment. Our business till 1996, is not particularly important to present, because in that year the  change is made in ownership structure.
At the end of 1996 we are in service of electronic equipment, with special emphasise on service of industrial electronics.
Parallel with the service shop trading with electronic components was launched, which became the main business of the company in the years that followed. Due to the state of the economy and the market where we were facing in terms of service, it ceases to be important in 2001 when it was terminated. Since this time we have gained extensive experience and knowledge, along with termination of service department we began to develop idea,which at that time was very enthusiastic, about making signs with LED diodes. This will result the opening of department that deals with special lighting based on LED technology in the years that followed.
In late '90s the company began to expand its interests beyond the borders of our country. At the start shyly begin cooperation with countries in the region, and today we cooperate with companies around the world in both directions, as importers and also as exporters.
It is important to note that the company is oriented on cooperation with legal entities, ie. to perform activities of wholesale.
At the beginning of the new century, we began cooperation with state institutions in the field of security systems for special purposes.
This cooperation from year to year developed, so that today we have noticed cooperation with all government  agencies which are registered for that activity, including military agencies.
In order to keep a track with development of new technologies, to facilitate the production itself and offered our customers excellent production from the field of production which we are doing, in 2008 we acquired CNC milling and large format laser.
Metro Ltd. today is among the first, most reliable, and we can freely say, among the largest independent suppliers of electronic components in the count.
Our goal is that through mutual benefit meet the most demanding challenges and desires of customers.
To be sure in that we invite you to join our  partners society.